General Course Experiences
b)      What skills (technology and non-technology) did you develop?  How will these skills help you in your future pursuits?

Initially when I entered the IDC-ITC course, my knowledge with technology was very minimal.  Luckily for me, this course not only taught me how to use technology but also allowed me to do much more, such as co-op placements and leadership development.  We were very privileged to have the netbooks to work on, not only did I learn the basic web tools such as Voicethread, Diigo, Prezi, Bitstrip, Google doc, ect..  I also learned how to efficiently operate a computer and apply the program available to almost every subject I may have.   One thing in particular that I would have never expected from this course was the co-op opportunities.  For my future pursuit, I’m hoping to become a teacher and this course provided me with the experience of teaching not only students but teachers as well.  This was perfect and was something I’ve never experienced before. It imposed challenge and required me to come up with tutorials and activities to teach students. This opportunity was great for it helped me realize that I do enjoy teaching and it is something I would like to pursue but not at a high school level.  I have taught younger children before in other co-op placements, but I never experienced such demanding audiences as this group of grade 9.  They truly required me to work hard in developing an interactive presentation to captivate their attention and actually get them to learn what I was trying to teach.  So overall I am very thankful for these opportunities for not only can I apply them to courses in the present but also will help me with my future placements.




Areas for Improvement
c)       What advice would you give future IDC students? Be specific.


For the future IDC students, I would just like to advise them not to underestimate the potential of this course.   We all started not really knowing what to expect and at the beginning, the course appeared to be less demanding then perhaps other grade 12 U courses.  Looking back, this course challenged us in ways most courses could never have.  We were expected to think outside of the box and never knew what was going to happen next. We developed a friendly and comfortable atmosphere allowing for each student to depend on each other for help when needed.    The point I am trying to make is that future students should take opportunity of everything this course has to offer, whether it is the web tools (that may be applied to every subjects) and insight into technology or the contest that allows you to enrich the technology within the school. This course will push you and allow you to be creative in your thinking and these are skills that will be necessary for your success in your future years.  Today in the 21st century, technology is everywhere, in school, at work and in our homes, we have become dependent on the use of technology for not only communicating but also teaching.  Now knowing how to effectively use technology is critical for success and eventually will become mandatory for every jobs.  This course will not only provide future students with these skills but will allow them to apply program learned into everyday life.






Technology in Education

a)       Do you believe that technology can improve education by increasing student engagement in class, increasing student understanding of class material and/or improving student results?  Use specific examples from your own experience or your placement to support your ideas.

Today, technology is everywhere, whether it is the computer in our homes or the i-pod plugged into our ears, we use technology for absolutely everything, communication, information, organization, and pleasure. Though, the older generation may not be as accustomed to this life style, it is very evident in the youth of today.  Student are always plugged in and connected to technology and I believe that the use of technology can certainly enhance our education system.  Today, we have so many programs and systems provided through technology to create new learning opportunities such as keeping blogs, submitting homework through program like Turn-it-in and Google docs.  In our IDC class, we were expected to keep a blog to post essays and assignments.  I found that this was a lot more effective and appealing than turning formal hard copies essays.  Not only is this system environmentally friendly but it allowed us to go above and beyond the regular expectation and it removed the regular constraint of a formal essay or assignment.  Studies showed that students retain information better that are more visually appealing and enjoyable to comprehend.  Nowadays parents are faced with the problems of their children retaining the information they view on television over the lesson or text read in class.  If we are able to create more interactive classroom dynamic, students would not only enjoy the lessons but they would also retain the information a lot better.  In my placement, I was put with a Grade 9 business class.  This was absolutely the worst behave group of students that I had ever seen, but thanks to programs such as Prezi and Weebly, not only was I able to grasp their attention, I was also able to teach how to create their own web-site for their ISP.  This just goes to show, how essential it is to incorporate technology into the classroom.  Not only will it enhance learning, but it will also improve students’ results.


Bonus Question

One of the main differences between this course and many others, besides the lack of tests, is the potential to do more than is expected of you.  At any point do you demonstrate superior leadership, involvement or commitment to this course that you would like me to take into consideration when determining your final grade.  Please be specific and clear in describing what you did and why it went ‘above and beyond’ the expectations of the course.


If I had to choose a specific moment within the duration of the course when I have demonstrated specific leadership skills it would be my placement, Ms. Osier tutorial and our project no. 3.  For my placement I was placed with Mr. Freedman.  He requested for a website and a tutorial on Photoshop.   Unfortunately for me, both my group and I were unfamiliar with website making and Photoshop.  But regardless we prevailed and succeeded in creating him a website.  A problem I encountered with my placement was my group.   Some of the members were not motivated and required a lot of reminding and aid in completing their tasks given.  Others did not even complete any of the tasks given.  In this situation, not only was I able to maintain a positive attitude, I also kept my group on track and assured that Mr. Freedman request were completed.  Ms. Osier requested for three of our IDC students to present tutorial on set webtools and programs for her classes ISP presentations.  I was able to present Ms Osier a new program called Voicethread, but I also helped the other chosen students with their tutorials, for example I was able to introduce Weebly, a more interactive and user-friendly web-site design tool to Neel in replacement of Google sites.  Finally, for project 3, I was placed in the video project group, I found I showed a lot of initiative and commitment throughout our assignment.  I was the one who came up with the idea for the stop motion animation and the idea for the main video (student touring school).  And on days when I was very ill, I still showed up to provide my group members with tools needed to create the videos, for example the white board for the stop motion animation.  Overall I feel that I have demonstrated superior leadership skills not only benefiting myself but others within the course as well.


Teacher: Mr.Freedman

Subject area: Buisness (BTT)

Description of project

My group and I were placed in Mr. Freedman’s grade 9 Business Class. His original request was for us to help him create a website and just generally teach him how to incorporate technology into his classes. So throughout the first couple meetings, we created goals for our group to accomplish during our placement. They were to create Mr. Freedman a website, help enhance the BTT Isp and teaching Mr. Freedman how to effectively use the smart boards. So we first finished his official website called WLMFreedman. This went over fairly well and he grasped the concept of uploading files and partially editing the site. The second thing that we did was looking over the grade 9 Business ISP. We were surprised to see that technology was actually already incorporated into the ISP, so we decided to run with it and teach the Grade 9 Business class how to create their own websites using Weebly. Weebly was very simple to use, we started off by first explaining Weebly’s features through a prezi and then we showed them a sample site we created on Weebly. Apart from some student interruptions, the presentation went fairly well. Finally we created a workshop to teach Mr. Freedman how to use the Smart Boards. We essentially just taught the basics, going over things such as smart notebook and how to calibrate the board. We also created a Sample quiz/game for his grade 12 Accounting class. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the actual workshop but my group member told me that it went over well and that Mr. Freedman really enjoyed the quiz we prepared.

Technology used

  • Google sites
  • Prezi
  • Weebly
  • Smart Notebook

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas

Well initially the website we created was supposed to be for the grade 9 BTT course. But after a few consultations with Mr. Freedman, he allowed us to design a website that would tailor to all of the classes he woild be teaching over the course of the year.  We decided that we would add categories for all of his upcoming courses with designated sections for assignments & rubrics, important dates, Links, and lessons. This will allow him to use the web site with prospective classes that he will be instructing throughout the year. The information he could use towards his other subjects/classes was the information taught through the smart boards. He now knows how to teach on the smart boards and effectively use all of the general features. He also knows knows how to create smart notebook Quizzes, games, and customizable surveys for all of his other class/subjects. Finally I would like to believe that he now knows more about technology and web tools available such as weebly and prezi which he can incorporate into other classes and subject areas 

 My Portfolio Video :

C:\Documents and Settings\Sasha\Desktop\Good_Btt_Video.swf

The two videos that I will be commenting on are Oceanside High School and the Kildonan School.

The first video that I chose is Oceanside High School.  In their arts department, a teacher chose to no longer teach the class traditional arts, but now she incorporates technology into the program.  Her students are taught filmmaking and digital photography, they use editing programs such as movie maker, rock band, and Photoshop.  I think it would be really interesting if we could implement more technology into our arts program. Being a student who has taken art for the past four years at Mackenzie, I can say that the use of technology is not really incorporated in our assignments. I feel that we spend a lot of time implementing technology into courses such as English and business, and along the way forget about the smaller subjects. Here at Mackenzie, the arts program is very luck to have a lab of Mac computers equipped with tons of art oriented software. Unfortunately I have only used them once, and for research. I feel we would need to actually educate the art teachers on how to use these programs so that the technology can actually be implemented into the arts programs.

The second video was created by the Kildonan School, discussing the programs used to help the special education department in the school. They use programs such as Inspiration and Dragon Dictate to help the students keep organised and succeed in their school work.  I feel that these programs would be amazing the incorporate into our Special Education Department. I believe we would need to either obtain permits for these programs or download them off the internet and then send in students to teach the teachers how to use them.

Both Schools implement technology in great ways, and I feel that we could do the same by educating our teachers here at Mackenzie to feel comfortable with technology.


The article, “Growing up digital, wired for distraction” honestly depicts the reality that most of us, North American students, are living in.


Vishal is a 17 year old student highly interested in film making, and like most of us is highly distracted by the technology we are surrounded with.   Cell phones, computers, and IPods are all devices that have become a necessity to our ways of life.  I feel that many, including myself, can relate to Vishal’s story.  Technology is so intertwine within our lives that it is practically impossible for us to separate ourselves from it.  I know from personal experience that it has become common nature to have three applications running on the computer while doing homework, which can consequently affect our marks.


The opportunities that have been provided to us by the internet are substantial.  Less than 15 years ago, if we needed to look up a fact, we would solely rely on books or word of mouth.  The internet can provide us with an answer to any question, changing the way we obtain information completely.  And, though it does have its negative effects on students, it can also do many positive things. For example Vishal would have never known that film making would have been his career choice. I find the internet can not only save us time, but can provide people’s opinions, helping us to better understand everything we do.


To a certain degree I do believe that technology dose amplify my personality. Technologies such as iPods and the internet help, but I feel that I am less attached to technology then most of my peer. And at times, I would much rather not be connected to it at all, but I do believe that it is impossible to successfully live in the 21st century without it being a part of our lives. It has become a form of gathering information, communicating, and a way of life.


I also agree that the use of technology such as the internet, cell phones, and video games can negatively affect our sleep patterns and ability to retain information. Unfortunately we do tend to priorities these things over school, causing us to not only have horrid sleep patterns but to also be more stimulated by technology over the teacher and class materials.


Alan Eaton says that technology “balkanization of their focus and duration of stamina”. To a certain degree I do believe he has a point, that we are less capable of focusing on a certain task. But technically now we are able to efficiently multitask faster than ever before, which almost seems to have become to norm of our generation. If a student does not have a cell phone, facebook account, email, listens to music, or have the internet they are often perceived as having a social problem in not being able to keep up. That’s just the way it is, we no longer do our homework and then go out to meet up with friends. We do our homework, while listening to music, check our facebook and text our friends all at the same time, we are a generation of multi takers.


I definitely believe that schools should be embracing technology. Our world is now literally intertwined with technology, it has become a necessity to life. We use it for protection, communication, and not to mention, it is used in almost every profession, whether it is business or medicine.  Technology is evolving and adapting to be compatible with almost everything we do. Schools repressing technology is only depriving students from great tools that can help them in almost every aspect of life. The schools must learn to adapt to not only retain the student’s attention but to better prepare them for what is yet to come.


The story that was revealed within the article does truly depicts the reality we are living in. Though not everyone is completely disconnected for school like Vishal, many are falling behind because of our infatuation with technology. We don’t know how to disconnect ourselves and I do believe that this is one of the greatest problem students have with technology. Overall the article “Growing up digital, wired for distraction”  grasp the use of technology amongst teenagers fairly well.




Interview Summary

Interview 1

During the first interview we had with Mr. Freedman on Oct. 29th, he explained to us his need for an official web-site where he could post class assignments, up-coming due dates, and links.   His main concerns was that most of his assignments and rubrics were hard copies and he had none up-loaded onto the computer.  The second thing Mr. Freedman wanted was class seminars on programs such as photo shop.  He mentioned that, in previous years, he was very successful with having students such as Lilly come in and present seminars to the students.

Our Response

We decided to create sample web-site for Mr Freedman to see what we could do, we also gathered other teachers’ web-sites to help him decide what kind of  web sites he would like.  As for the seminars, we have decided to pitch to him more business oriented web-tools, such as voice thread, digo, and Google docs.

Interview 2

During this interview, we showed Mr Freedman the sample site and other teacher’s sites.  He decided that he wanted a web-site that resembled Mr. Mrnemerofsky’s site, but a little more elaborated.  So during that meeting, we created Mr. Freedman a Google account so that we could finish the web-site for the next meeting.  As for the seminars, he was content with providing seminars on different web tools.  We began to explain what we had been doing in the IDC class and then we propose tailoring one of his assignment to correspond with the seminar we were going to teach to his class.  He gave us his Grade 9 business ISP to start, there is not set due date for this yet.  Finally, Mr. Freedman requested help in learning how to use the smartboards.

Our Response

We have completed the general web-site and during the next meeting, we will go into more specific on the theme and additional component he would like.  We now all have a copy of his Grade 9 ISP and are slowly thinking of what program would best be  incorporated into the project.  Once we decide, we will create a student oriented seminar on the web tool.  As for the smart board, we have decided that we will seek help from Ms. Cuttle.


Placement Action plan


Placement Update

1)  Last week, we were assigned to Mr. Freedman’s class.  Last Friday, we had our first official meeting with Mr. Freedman.  We learned that he was looking for a web-site to post assignments and up-coming dates for his students.

2)  This week, we created sample web-sites and gathered other teachers’ web-sites to show Mr. Freedman.  We had our second meeting on Wednesday, where we decided what kind of web-site he was looking for.  On Thursday, we completed his web-site and have scheduled the third meeting for Monday.  All there is left to do this week, is to have the interview with Ms. Cuttle and complete finishing touches on the web-site.

Sample site